West USA – Ultimate Road Trip

May 11, 2018

Five adventurers explore Western USA over the course of two weeks, in the best way possible… A road trip! Over 3000 miles, 3 States and countless Arizona Ice Tea’s were smashed during this epic adventure! A huge thanks is also due to Ross Shorland who showed us around, let us use his car and generally was an organised machine. He did well.

Join us!

Shot and Edited by Josh Joshua

Massive thanks to Daniel Coughtrey

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Big thanks to everyone involved!

Video features:
Josh Joshua
Daniel Coughtrey
Rory O’Keefe
Ross Shorland
Mike Oram

Song: Bronze Radio Return – Before I Get There
(Licensed using MusicBed.com)

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7 thoughts on “West USA – Ultimate Road Trip

  1. Miriam Filipa says:


  2. JA PARKOUR says:

    Lovely stuff, but I think Makrokour was better!

  3. George Carolan says:

    what an absolute dream

  4. Rahim Mastafa Photography says:

    Flippin sick!

  5. Dan Coughtrey says:

    Awesome man

  6. Kate Reed says:

    Absolutely love it! Smashed it Josh 👌🏼

  7. Paige Hanchant says:

    Great video! Love the gritty style! 10/10

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