USA – SOUTHWEST ROAD TRIP 2017 (Vegas, Grand Canyon, LA etc)

June 6, 2018

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stops: las vegas – death valley – grand canyon – phoenix – los angeles

instagram: @danielastendahl
snapchat: danielalinneas

music by NCS

Vexento – Trippy Love
RetroVision – Puzzle
Different Heaven – Safe and Sound
Tobu – Good Times
JPB – High

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10 thoughts on “USA – SOUTHWEST ROAD TRIP 2017 (Vegas, Grand Canyon, LA etc)

  1. PrototypeTheGamingHell says:

    Ugh.. Next year… I CAN’T WAIT!

  2. So Jo says:

    Nice! I was just in the U.S blogging and visiting from nZ 🙂 miss it so much

  3. Próxima Parada says:

    You’ve got some unique shots in this video, I loved
    I did a road trip as well, check it out in this video

  4. Nadiza Perisa says:

    Posted by: zuricha

  5. Viajando afora says:

    nice video …
    check mine 🙂

  6. Marrakech First Excursion says:

    thank you for your beautiful video
    welcome to marrakech morocco
    we offer the great excursion from marrakech to everywere in morocco

  7. thiego coelho says:

    whats up guys….how they named the place on 5:53 sec ??(the view)

  8. Travel To The World says:

    Thanks for upload. Really awesome😊 I. ♥️ it

  9. 3xposure Official says:

    Love this, would you mind checking out mine. I used GoPro and a DJI Mavic

  10. timon pumba says:

    “Great video ! i have shared your video on Dizivizi by tagging it to, Grand Canyon
    Help people in finding your videos and channel,Tag your videos to their locations at for free and get more views.”

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