USA Road Trip – Part 1: Planning | Adventures With Rosy | Episode 34

September 17, 2018

Well our USA Road Trip is getting closer, we want your help, ideas and thoughts! We are coming to California, Utah and Texas… where do we go? What shouldn’t we miss?!

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Join Chelsea, Bronson and their son Harvey as they travel around NZ in their Motorhome “Rosy”.




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10 thoughts on “USA Road Trip – Part 1: Planning | Adventures With Rosy | Episode 34

  1. Adventures With Rosy says:

    Thanks for stopping by team! If you have any ideas about where we should go in California, Utah or Texas let us know!!

    Anything you want to see us do.. we will take you along for the ride! 🗽🍔🍟🌭🏈

  2. Kiwi Vanman says:

    Im looking forward to seeing the vids on your trip, have fun, wish I was going . but I think I will be heading back to China again soon,

  3. cheryl bryant says:

    Lassen Volcanic Park! Awesome camping, views and peace 🙂

  4. A Wandering Gypsy says:

    Awesome!!! Yes there are casinos in Vegas attached to hotels so children essentially can walk through and all. They also have family friendly places to stay as well. They’re not off limits except at gambling spots and bars obviously. Best of luck to ya! Looking forward to catching up on your vids! Check me out!

  5. rvwalkabout says:

    In Utah my favorite NPs are: Arches-Canyonlands (Moab), Bryce, Zion. Then if you can manage it head down to Page AZ for Slot Canyons & Horseshoe Bend. Ive done all 50 states and Utah is my favorite, I think it’s a must do on a trip like you are planning. Also keep in mind if you are a bit adventurous, (not sure you want to with a toddler), Utah offers a lot of RV free camping at places like BLM or NF (and other public lands)

  6. The Wanderlust Family says:

    Exciting trip guys, we’ve never been but look forward to seeing your travels!

  7. ttxela says:

    I’ve only ever been to Texas so can’t help much but looking forward to seeing how you get on 👍

  8. Pete R says:

    If you make it out toward the east coast, Great Smoky Mountains National Park- it has the most visitors per year of any national park, if I recall correctly.

  9. corbie8 says:

    Cool… Cant wait to see all of the footage.

  10. Matthew Noy says:

    Hey guys, you should absolutely stop at Big Sur on the Pacific Coast Highway, (roughly half way between LA and San Fran.) it’s just stunning. My wife and I stayed there on a road trip few years ago. Just google it, there’s plenty of camping spots there! Also Santa Barbara is nice, just out of LA and Carmel which is closer to San Fran. Also, something that made us chuckle was that the Americans think the Pacific Coast Highway is like a goat track, but for Kiwi’s it’s like our State HW 1! They are just used to 8 lane freeways that are straight and long as the eye can see. If you were thinking of Palm Springs, that’s a really cool drive from Vegas and takes you roughly back towards LA (if that’s your final destination). Anyway, sounds awesome, you’ll have a blast and I can’t wait to see the videos!!!!!

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