USA Road Trip in the Midwest | Driving from North Dakota to Michigan

October 2, 2018

Come join us for a family USA road trip as we showcase our journey driving from North Dakota to Michigan in this travel vlog. We start things off in Alberta, Canada crossing into the province of Saskatchewan and then heading south towards North Dakota. Our border crossing from Canada to USA was an absolute breeze as we were the only person in line at the border and the border control officer was very friendly.

After a long day of driving we checked into a cheap motel Super 8 in Williston, North Dakota. The following day we drove the width of North Dakota and entered into the state of Minnesota. The scenery changed from mostly farmland to more trees and lakes. Our final stop on day number two was in Alexandria, Minnesota where we stayed in another cheap motel.

After having a couple of very mediocre stays in motels we decided we’d go for an airbnb for our third night of the road trip. On day three we drove across Minnesota and crossed into Wisconsin where we stayed the night in a house in Racine.

The following day, our final day of the road trip saw us crossing more states than any other day on this trip. We stared off in Wisconsin and touched down briefly in Illinois and Indiana before spending the rest of our journey in Michigan. We came back into Canada through Sarnia at the border between Michigan and Ontario.

This border crossing was much more active than the first one but it still didn’t take us long to get through. With just a few hours left we finished off by driving back home to Brampton.

Overall, it was a fantastic 14 day road trip and we covered over 9000 kilometres (5600 miles) with all of the sightseeing including for the return trip to Alberta and back home.

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USA Road Trip Vlog | Driving from North Dakota to Michigan Video Transcript:

How are you all doing today? Well, I’ll tell you here we are. Here we are.

I’ll tell you what we’re going to be doing. We have got a very long road trip (USA road trip). We drove all of the way out west from Ontario to British Columbia. Mmhmm. Now we’re heading back home but instead of going back through Canada we’ve decided to go through the USA. Yes. Yeah. We thought we might enjoy a little change of scenery. Mmmhmm.

You know, see something different. Yep. And also like driving through the Prairies on the way to BC it felt a bit long. Yep. So thought let’s see something new, something different. It is still going to take us four days but the journey is a little shorter just by a few hours. Yeah. So yeah we’re going to bring you along on this little road trip. Right now we’re having a little snack. Some Timmies. Our last Tim Hortons before leaving Canada. Yeah, we’ll be crossing the border in Saskatchewan very soon. So exciting times.

We spent most of the day driving in Canada. We did. Who knew the border was so far away. And we crossed in through Saskatchewan. The Province of Saskatchewan into North Dakota. Yeah. And we were the only people at the border. The only people there. The border security guard was really friendly. He did his job he asked us a lot of questions but in a friendly way. Yes. And he liked the dog even though Togo barked at him. It is even what surprised me was when we arrived in North Dakota it was even quieter than Saskatchewan which is a pretty quiet province in Canada. It is very peaceful. Let’s hope we get a good nights rest.

Now that we’re in Michigan it is a lot more reasonable and we’re heading up north. We had the option of going through Detroit but we’re going to go through and cross through Sarnia into Ontario. Yeah. We’re thinking there will be less traffic. And the dog is thrilled to be out going for a walk at the moment. Stretching our legs. Look at how green it is. It is nice here.

We’re back in Canada!

This is part of our Travel in USA video series showcasing American food, American culture and American cuisine.

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14 thoughts on “USA Road Trip in the Midwest | Driving from North Dakota to Michigan

  1. 1981cherokee1 says:

    Did you guys consider renting a RV for your cross country adventure? I think you would have saved yourself from all those questionable motels and perhaps better for the dog.

  2. Michael Sylvester says:

    Thanks for sharing this long road trip
    Glad you all made back to Canada safe.

  3. Anna Wise says:

    Best part of this video was when Audrey kissed Togo! Such a beautiful dog!

  4. Vatsek says:

    Probably better than during the Summer months, not as hot.

  5. Hope Lafleur says:

    Wow this was fun, you guys are sure making this adventure the fact you eat salami and olives, artichokes..I think I’m going to adopt this rule as well, we have gone to Nova Scotia taking 24hours to drive.! not fun and exhausting and we are not young like you guys. But was so disappointed at eating all those fast food places it became unbearable except for the fact that IGA in Quebec is amazing they have little sandwhiches filled with egg/tuna/chicken..but I like the idea of getting salami..and good bread! Thanks for sharing this trip with us! definitely loved it!

  6. Gustavo The Best Tolaba says:

    I’m so happy with your road trip there in USA.Everything looks really good there! I’m sure you are going to have a real good time 😊 🇺🇸🇨🇦

  7. Gerd Papenburg says:

    2:04 Togo reminded me of the cows in the alps in Austria/Germany/Switzerland when he was drinking.

  8. Umberto Calvini says:

    You’re the pride of Canada! You’re famous in Taiwan too! I’ve been watching a bunch Canadian YouTubers living in Taiwan who’re your subscribers! That unmanned produce stand won’t last one minute in my hood! Cheers from San Francisco:-)

  9. Julie Goodwin says:

    Another amazing series! Can’t wait for your next adventures!

    1. Julie Goodwin says:

      Excellent, headed to Japan in 2019!!!

    2. Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos says:

      Thank you very much! A couple more from Canada and then it is our biggest series yet from Japan 🙂

  10. Aimee Zara says:

    Wow again!  Drone footage is awesome.  Please do Chicago one of these days.  It’s only 1 hour 20 mins from Toronto by plane.  You’ll find endless things to do and video.  We have nature, skyscrapers, food, arts, and the Cubs!  You can do a Cubs game while you are here. Pleaseeeeeeeeee

    1. Aimee Zara says:

      OMG, I didn’t realize you have a video on Chicago!  I just watched it and wow, you guys really got around!  And if you want a good laugh, watch it… you guys have come a long way in producing and editing.  And just talking in front of the camera.  You both rock!

    2. Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos says:

      Thank you very much! We’d love to come back to Chicago to film again. We just love it there. Go Cubs today!

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