USA Road trip – East to West

September 17, 2018

USA Road Trip, from east to west, from Massachusetts to California. A road trip across the USA is something you do, not describe. No essay, report or text can do such a journey, justice. Hopefully, the documented video and photographs we captured of our adventures can give you an idea. Even then, nothing beats doing it, seeing it and experiencing it all yourself. Watch all 6 hours here on Pijnacker01!
Travels through Massachusetts • New York• Pennsylvania • Ohio • Illinois • Indiana • Missouri • Oklahoma • Texas• New Mexico • Arizona • California and more. Extensive footage within National Parks, monuments and forest in the south western USA. USA road trip from coast to coast, border to border. Your USA road trip video!

Documentation and road trip itinerary –

@9:50 – Largest cross in USA
@13:33 – St. Louis arch
@17:50 – Thunderbird Lake, Oklahoma
@21:40 – Blessed Hope Prophecy Conference
@30:33 – Thunderbird Lake views
@34:00 – Birds or a UFO?
@37:40 – Sunset
@44:50 – Cross Groom Texas
@48:20 – B52 bomber and a Boeing C-17
@49:45 – Huge TX and USA flags
@51:50 & @53:40 – Rail traffic in Texas
@52:55 – Cattle slaughter houses
@59:20 – Roswell, New Mexico
@1:03:49 – Deer
@1:10:05 – Elephant Butte,NM
@1:13:20 – Vistas, NM
@1:17:20 – Silver Fire 2013
@1:19:55 – Driving into Gila National Fores
@1:26:11 – Geronimo
@1:30:55 – Hot Spring
@1:30:50 – Gila Cliff Dwellings
@1:36:36 – Deer herd Gila River
@1:46:00 – Park Ranger talk Gila
@5:56:21 – UFOs

Pictures from the drive out west:

This road trip was done in a 7-person RV. It was a lot of fun. We had a rough plan, but not as much planning as many would think. There were some hairy moments, like the small, washed out roads on the edge of a mountain leading to the village of Mogollon, New Mexico. Which is in the middle of nowhere. We saw elk, deer, foxes, rabbits, various birds and even a B52 bomber, flying low over Amarillo, Texas!

“It’s in those quiet little towns, at the edge of the world, that you will find the salt of the earth people who make you feel right at home.”
– Aaron Lauritsen – 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road

The journey was amazing. The scenery changes from east to west. Oklahoma and Texas are interesting. Sometimes amazingly flat. We saw huge Jesus crosses and heard The Word of God. Set foot near ancient Indian cliff dwellings, pictographs and the even ancestral land of Geronimo himself. We climbed cliff faces and searched out natural hot springs along the Gila River in pristine wilderness. We’re told stories of mountain lion and bear attacks, which helps keep one alert on the trails. We even saw a car flip over, right in front of us on a 16-lane super highway in southern CA. Ahhh, California.

The Pacific Ocean. Surfing. Sun. California!

We saw UFOs. At the Prophecy Watchers 1st annual Blessed Hope conference in Norman, Oklahoma we learned about what a UFO and aliens really are. This was an eye-opener that would set the stage for the bulk of the trip through the Wild West. We cruised along the old Route 66 and on roads barely visible on the maps. America and certainly west of the mighty Mississippi, is filled with beauty. Blessed with amazing landscapes.

The Heavens Above – Out in the open western states, the stars literally light up the night sky. The Milky Way can be seen, snaking through the evening skies and other constellations seem to come to life.

We hope our family, friends and whomever views enjoy these images. It warped into a video documentary of sorts, of traveling across this wonderful land. America is a diverse country. The differences from East to West are noticeable, yet there is a common-thread. It is more than just the English language, which some say the Founding Fathers adopted. Dare I say, it’s one Nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
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USA road trip, from east to west. Driving from Massachusetts to California in an RV, what an adventure.