Planet Coaster Recreations 21: The Voyage Holiday world USA

May 15, 2018

In This Episode of Planet Coaster Recreations we recreate The Voyage from Holidayland USA

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10 thoughts on “Planet Coaster Recreations 21: The Voyage Holiday world USA

  1. madmike4427 says:

    As a former ride operator for The Voyage, I really appreciate how accurate (most) of the coaster is. It does suck about the speed issue though

  2. Jonny Yardley says:

    Do wicker man

  3. robbins DVR says:

    plz do BEHEMOTH at canada’s wonderland

  4. Aieko Zumeta says:

    Re-create Furius Baco, at Port Aventura, Spain.

  5. Mudkip180 says:

    do gold striker from great america

  6. Thunderbunzz Gaming says:

    Man, I have rode that coaster so many times and like how (mostly) accurate your recreation is

  7. Justin Jimenez says:

    Recreate Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure

  8. Ogremlin01 says:

    Turn down the friction multiplier

  9. matt4050 matt4050 says:

    Recreate “The fly” at Canada`s Wonderland!

  10. Ari 1993 says:

    Rougarou Cedar Point

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