MOST INSANE USA ROAD TRIP! | Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Horse Shoe Bend, Bryce and Zion

May 17, 2018

Hey my lovelies! I came home for the holidays! So naturally my bestie Lauren and I had to plan some sort of adventure. We decided on a 4 day 4 state southwestern road trip. We managed to visit some of the most amazing natural wonders including the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powel, Horse Shoe Bend, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park! Its completely mind-blowing to me how many amazing places to visit are right here in my home country and after running around the world for the last 6 months it was nice to explore locally for a little bit.

Drone footage shot on my Mavic Pro! Its amazing, shoots incredibly smooth 4k video, can navigate through the tightest spaces and has awesome follow me features!
Check it out!

If you’re looking for a smaller and more affordable drone, the DJI Spark is like the baby brother to my Mavic. I’m thinking its next on my list

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3 thoughts on “MOST INSANE USA ROAD TRIP! | Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Horse Shoe Bend, Bryce and Zion

  1. followetal says:

    I would love to go to those places! We’ve been to the USA so many times and these are still on our list. Hahaha. Keep on travelling! Im your new subbie here hope let’s get connected 😁

  2. Corey Kasem's Top 40 says:

    I’ve been hiking here in the Las Vegas/Zion area for 20 years and have yet to come across a snake! Your videos are put together very nicely! Well done!

  3. The World n Us says:

    You’ve hit some incredible spots on this trip.  I went to the Grand Canyon when I was a kid but haven’t been to any of the other places you visited.  Will definitely have to make the journey with our kids sometime in the next few years.

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