Kayak Trolling Motor | Maiden Voyage | Kayak DIY

February 24, 2019

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22 thoughts on “Kayak Trolling Motor | Maiden Voyage | Kayak DIY


    Great video! I learned a lot! I’m currently building my own! Did you test the longevity of the battery on the water? I’m looking for something that’s small but can last me all day or get my around the lakes I want with no worries of it’s dying.

  2. Cody Hickman says:

    Hey TJ, just had a question for you. I’m new to kayak fishing, and I’m about to purchase my first kayak. I almost went with the fs10, but seems the more I read most anglers like sit on top kayaks. So you have inspired me to consider the sea ghost. I am limited on space and hauling capacity, so what is your opinion on the sea ghost 110? Would it still be a good boat at 11ft instead of 13ft?

    1. Kayak USA says:

      I feel like for the little bit of money difference the 130 is way better, plus youll want to step up to the 130 a few months after you get used to the 110

  3. john rugani says:

    Looking Good Thanks for the video. what is the lb. thrust on that motor. And what size battery do you use?

    1. Kayak USA says:

      30lb, check out my build video, all of my info is there. thanks for watching

  4. chip trueblood says:

    gotta love the vibe yak!!!!  I love my SG130 smoke! awesome upgrade sir.

  5. Jason Gaible says:

    I want to see a video of you packing all of your camping gear in the sea ghost!

    1. Jason Gaible says:

      +Kayak USA I am wanting a sea ghost 130 but no sure if it has the storage like your old ascend has!

    2. Kayak USA says:

      Very soon!! I’m planning a kayak camping trip now🤙🏼

  6. Justin Staten says:

    Thanks for all the videos! Do you ever do any saltwater kayak fishing?

    1. Kayak USA says:

      Justin Staten , Not as much as I’d like too, lol Thanks for the support!

  7. Dakota Farrulla says:

    Awesome build!!
    Do you have a vid where you go over how you used that bracket to mount? The video I watched had you using just the rudder hole. Was there too much stress on the kayak using just the rudder hole?

    1. Dakota Farrulla says:

      +Kayak USA we appreciate all the info!

    2. Kayak USA says:

      Dakota Farrulla , not really too much stress but I was noticing that if I turned to hard the whole mount wanted to turn . So this bracket fixed that and made it super sturdy. I’ll go over the full bracket I made in the next video. I forgot to go over it in this one. Sorry

  8. John Klopp says:

    Good video and channel. Rang the bell 🔔

    1. Kayak USA says:

      Thanks John I appreciate the support man!!🤙🏼

  9. Jimmy D Cantrell Jr says:

    Awesome video TJ how can I get a yak squad sticker ☺

    1. Jimmy D Cantrell Jr says:

      Awesome deal

    2. Kayak USA says:

      Jimmy D Cantrell Jr , I’ll be ordering more very soon ! 🤙🏼

  10. Mike West says:

    those wires looked kinda thin for a 13 foot run. Do they get warm after a long troll?

    1. Mike West says:

      +Kayak USA im the same way. I have 2 of the sea ghost 13. I have debated putting a trolling motor on them numerous times.

    2. Kayak USA says:

      Mike West , I actually have them doubled up for each post. Two 14 gauge reds for the hot and two 14 gauge blacks for the Neg. I usually tend to over build.. lol 🤙🏼

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