Conner Prairie Balloon Voyage

September 17, 2018

Conner Prairie is a Interactive living history park and museum situated in Indianapolis , USA. In Conner prairie, part of life of indiana from 19th century re creates and the life and living culture of red indians from 1800 demonstrates in a village. The first balloon voyage in USA was on Aug 17th 1859. The main attraction in Conner Prairie is the 377 Feet high fly Hydrogen balloon which holds 210,000 cubic feet of helium gas and 105 feet tall. It is the largest tethered gas passenger balloon in the world. The balloon manufactured by French company ‘Aerophile’ and a total of 5 balloon available all over US from this company. The historic Aeronut John wise made his first airmail delivery using his balloon Jupiter in 25 miles in Indiana state. Tuttu had a visit to conner prairie and enjoyed the voyage in hot air balloon.(Conner prairie balloon voyage) Tuttu’s toy lab sharing you the experience from conner prairie in this video. Tuttu’s toy lab explains Some Other searches also like;
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Enjoy the video !

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    Wow it is amazing crazy tuttu. Good view. Keep it up đź’Ş

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