June 27, 2018

Aswar voyages agency has organized a trip to USA and Canada for around 15 days where we had the chance to visit one of the most popular places on the globe. First, after a long flight of 7 and half hours, we landed in Montreal, the city of diversity and French culture. The next day, we traveled to Quebec city where we were amazed by its traditional architecture. Then we bounced to Boston to visit Harvard University and other famous location in the city. After two night, we moved to Manhattan, New-York for a stay of 4 days. It was one of the most beautiful cities so far. Then we had the chance to go more south and land in Washington, DC to see the white house. We came back to Canada later to enter it from Niagara falls borders. The view of the falls was magical and so pleasing to the eye. After our stay in the city, we drove the bus to Toronto. We visited the CN Tower and the famous aquarium of Toronto. Then we moved to Ottawa the capital of Canada to end our trip and fly back to Morocco.